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10 Most Amazing AI Face Generators You should Try

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Artificial Intelligence is making its way into every field. From accounts management to healthcare, there is not a single field where AI has not entered. Though it has not become familiar to everyone but as people are learning about AI they are accepting it with open arms.

People are trying to find more AI tools to enhance their efficiency and explore areas where AI can be used. Face generators are one of the finest applications of Artificial Intelligence.

In this article, we are going to read about some of the best AI face generators.
Let’s have a brief introduction to AI face generators and their uses before reading about tools.

What is an AI Face Generator?

AI face generator is a tool that is used to create photorealistic faces that can be used for multiple purposes. It can also be used to create realistic portraits of you even if you don’t have professional editing skills.

The primary purpose of AI is to make things simpler for everyone, that’s what an AI face generator does. You can also create imaginary faces using AI face generators.

You can operate AI face generators with basic computer operating skills. It allows users to explore their creative side which can be used to generate income.

Apart from professional purposes, it is also used in gaming. There are games where married people can generate the face of their baby by uploading their pictures.

AI face generators work on advanced machine learning algorithms to understand human face features. It is a fun tool that can be used to generate faces for any purpose.

We cannot ignore the fact that AI face generators can be used for indecent purposes. But the question is which technology has ever managed to escape misuse?

I guess, none.

Now let’s have a glance at the uses of AI face generators.

Uses of AI Face Generator

Gaming Industry

As we already mentioned, AI face generators are actively used in the gaming industry. Different gaming apps that find your celebrity look-alikes, and generate faces of babies are using this technology for the same.

Product Designing Department

AI face generators can also generate product prototypes. This gives the company an idea about the final look of the product even before manufacturing. They can make necessary changes at the initial stage to prevent costs.


AI face generators can create imaginary faces that can be used in place of models. This helps a brand to save money that could have been spent on models.

Now let’s read about some of the most amazing AI face generators.

10 Best Face AI Generators

Face Generator

What if I say that you can create more than 11000000 variants of a face? Yes, it is possible with Face Generator. This tool allows you to create faces that do not exist in real life and you can generate numerous versions of one face.

The detailing of a face can be according to your choice. You have to select age, emotion, complexion, pose etc to curate a face. This face can be used anywhere for both professional as well as non-professional purposes.

The best part about this tool is that it provides you with a 3-day free trial. If you like this tool, you can buy the premium version.


  • 3-day free trial
  • The plan starts at $19.99 per month


Fotor is one of the best AI face generators as it has a simple user interface. It accepts data in the form of text and curates images in seconds.

It is a powerful tool that allows you to create a fully customized face. You can select emotions, age, sex and even face angle to get an impeccable image. You need to be careful with the accuracy of the information you are feeding in the tool.

It also allows you to create cartoon characters, landscapes, anime art, digital art and much more.

But in terms of pricing, it is not what you’re expecting. You must be expecting the price around $50 per month or more but it is FREE.


  • $0.00

This Person does not Exist

But this tool exists! Lol

As the name itself suggests, this tool allows you to create images of unrealistic persons. You have to feed every information right from age, gender, skin colour, and hair colour to generate the face of a non-existing person.

If you don’t like the face created by the tool, you can refresh and get another face and download the one you like the most.

Isn’t this exciting?

Many businesses are using this tool to create faces for their products that could resonate with their advertisement campaign.

This AI face generator is free for personal use but you have to get paid version for commercial purposes.


  • Plan: $14.95


Ai face generator
Ai face generator


Nightcafe is counted among the most feasible AI face generators as it allows you to create realistic faces across different devices like tablets, mobile phones or laptops.

It allows you to create faces from scratch. You can feed data according to your needs and also allows you to choose among different styles like artistic portraits, and black and white portraits.

It also allows you to create multiple faces at a time and that too for free. Yes, you read it right!

This amazing tool is free.


  • $0.00


You can guard your identity at the same time you can disclose it. The statement is confusing but that’s exactly what this tool does.

This is one of the most commonly used AI face generators as it allows you to create similar-looking photos using the actual picture as a reference.

You can modify details of your face like age, emotion, skin colour, and hair length to guard your identity and at the same time give people an idea about your looks.

This is a great tool to prevent yourself from cyber-bullying. You can use such pictures as display photos on your social media accounts.

It is free for personal purposes but you have to buy a premium version for commercial use.

FY! Studio

If you are looking for a face generator that has a simple UI and is free, then you should try FY! Studio.

It is one of the most amazing AI face generators as it helps you in creating multiple versions of a single face without any hassle.

All you need to do is enter every detail including face shape, age, emotion, hair colour, and gender and get the face you want.

And if you didn’t like the result, you can change the detailing and generate a new face.


  • $0.00


The Artificial Intelligence of this face generator has learned from a database of 70,000 photos of human beings. It allows you to create images of persons who do not exist in real life.

You can create beautiful fake faces that resemble real human beings instantly. This tool offers its services for free.


  • $0.00


ai face generator
ai face generator


This is an AI-powered face editing tool that allows you to mix numerous faces and curate a single face out of it. This is a fun tool as you can create, edit or mix as faces in a few seconds.

Like other AI face generators, you have to select detailing to edit or create a face. What people love the most about this AI tool is the simple interface.

You need to explore the app for a few minutes and once you’re done, you can directly start editing. It also allows you to create face morph videos that keep fluctuating or morphing between the selected faces.

It offers both free as well as paid plans. Their paid plans are not expensive.


  • $10 per month

Marketing tool

This is a tool that works similarly to other tools provided in the list. It allows you to create faces for free and it works on a GAN-based algorithm to create multiple faces.

The faces created by Marketing Tool resemble real human beings to a great extent. It allows you to edit features as well as expressions of fake human faces.


Last, but not least, GitHub is an amazing AI face generator as it allows you to generate faces from scratch. It works smoothly and produces results in a few seconds.

The picture generated from this tool can be used for advertisements or profile pictures as per your need.

It offers a free trial but you have to buy paid version after that.


The market is flooded with different AI face generators. Some are extremely good while others barely got average ratings. We have tried to find the best AI Face generators for you.

Now it’s your turn to find the most suitable face generator for your company or personal use.

You can also continue the list of AI face generators in the comment section and share your experience.

Also, if you want to check out some useful AI search engines, click here.


What are the uses of AI face generators?

AI face generators can be used in the gaming industry, product designing, advertisements, anime arts, paintings etc.

How can I generate faces on AI?

Generating faces on AI is simple. All you need to do is feed test “generate images” in the text portion and you will get a face generated in seconds. The UI of different AI face generators may vary.

Can I use AI face generators for free?

Yes, many face generators are free. The two free face generators that have a great UI are FY! Studio and FaceMix.

Is it legal to use AI face generators?

Yes, you can safely use AI face generators as they are not copyright products.

Can I use AI to create my professional portrait?

Yes, AI can be used to create professional portraits even without having great editing skills. Different applications like Fotor are perfect tools for generating such pictures.

Which is the most popular AI face generator?

Midjourney is one of the most popular AI face generators. It offers commendable performance and is easy to use.


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