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CGI Marketing: Harness its power for your brand

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The title is misleading as today I’m in no mood to spill something productive out of my keyboard. I want to talk about fairy tales, classic love stories, TV serial dramas, and much more. 

So, my favorite classic love story is Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. I’m amazed by the type of love that existed…

I’m sure, you got engaged with my content! That’s exactly what CGI is going to do to your content. It will help you tell your stories in a vibrantly. People will engage more with your content if you are going to use CGI marketing techniques. 

In this article, we will be unveiling the potential of CGI marketing that can turn imagination into reality. 

Don’t worry, we’ll talk about these stories some other day. 

Let’s begin by answering a simple question what is CGI marketing?

What is CGI Marketing?

CGI stands for Computer-generated imagery is an art that is used for creating visuals that look alive using advanced computer software and graphics. Think of some visuals that look real but many of them are just magic done by CGI. From creating 3D animations to beautiful sceneries, CGI can do it all. 

There are top brands like Apple that use this technology to create jaw-dropping visuals so that consumers can resonate with their product as well as the campaign. 

Let’s see how brands can make impeccable use of CGI marketing and create something out of the box for their product marketing.

How brands can make the best use of this technique?

Creates immersive experiences

CGI is used to create interactive experiences that tempt their audience. Often, CGI is confused with virtual reality and the truth is that both of these concepts overlap many times. VR is also known for creating immersive experiences. 

CGI is integrated with social media, websites, and other campaigns that take the audience into a world of imagination. It improves customer experience and adds to the credibility of the brand. 

CGI Marketing
CGI Marketing


Presents your product in a detailed picture

The amount of precision of angles CGI offers is commendable. Some products require a 360-degree view and what else could offer a better experience? CGI technology helps in capturing images in high fidelity which yields an unrealistic view of the product. 

Another advantage of using CGI is that you can build your customer’s trust by showing high-quality and precise images of the products.

CGI Marketing
CGI Marketing


Turn Imaginations into reality

Let’s not deny the fact that CGI marketing is turning imagination into reality. It helps in creating and capturing imaginary landscapes and sceneries that make your campaign look extraordinary.

CGI is sneaking into every marketing plan by breaking the walls of imagination. As we know, in India we are not using this technique, so by getting these services from foreign firms you can get the first mover’s advantage in India. 

CGI Marketing
CGI Marketing


Improves Engagement

These jaw-dropping visuals are raising analytic graphs of brands across the world. For instance, if you have a real-estate business and you are giving a complete house tour using CGI marketing, then what is going to be the reaction of your customers?

They will share the tour with friends and family even without asking. This is how CGI marketing improves engagement and increases social media shares and likes. 

CGI Marketing
CGI Marketing


Adds to your brand identity

Currently, this is one of the best methods to boost your brand identity. Let people know your brand through this marketing campaign. It will help you stand out from the crowd by providing an unreal experience. 

This is how you can harness the power of CGI marketing to build your brand. 

CGI Marketing
CGI Marketing


Benefits of Using CGI Marketing

  • CGI marketing has revolutionized the marketing game by providing imaginary and unforgettable experiences. With improved creativity, brands are able to offer clean, clear, and précis visuals.
  • It helps you in conveying complex messages in a simpler form. For example, an engineer can explain the whole process of making a drone without complex explanations. 
  • It also helps brands create customized advertisements for a better user experience.  

CGI Marketing Examples 

Coca-Cola’s Polar Bears Campaign

You must have remembered the campaign where animated polar bears were drinking Coca-Cola. They were enjoying winter with the soft drink. I felt chills while writing. Lol! The campaign was successful as per the experts. 

Nike’s “Write the Future”

This campaign increased Nike’s sales tremendously. The campaign had soccer players and exhibited the potential impact of their actions in the coming times. It was a CGI campaign that gained enough popularity. 

Apple’s “Get a Mac”

This campaign was again successful and showcased Mac as superior to other computers. The campaign contained animated characters that were the point of attention. 

We know the benefits of using CGI marketing but nothing is perfect. It has a few drawbacks that you should know before investing in it. 

Drawbacks of CGI Marketing

  • The first and foremost drawback of this technique is the cost. Often, large enterprises are found investing in this technology. 
  • Also, overuse of CGI marketing is not suggested. If your customers get addicted to such campaigns, they may not take an interest in the ordinary marketing campaign. And it is not possible to spend on CGI marketing for every small ad campaign. 
  • You have to adhere to ethical matters as well. Your customers can file a case of misrepresentation which will affect your brand value. 

Final Words

CGI marketing is a great way to improve customer engagement by providing 3D-appearing images of the products. Globally, brands are making the best use of this marketing technique. Though we have talked about three marketing campaigns their count is unending as it helps companies catch visuals that are impossible with traditional techniques. 

The technology is not prevalent in India but if it is introduced in the Indian market it can do wonders. Brands like Amul are known for extraordinary marketing but they haven’t tried it yet. If big brands raise a green flag for such techniques, small businesses will become curious and will try to implement it, in turn, expanding its usage. 

Did you like this marketing technique? Let us know in the comment section. 

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What is CGI in marketing?

CGI is the art of creating visual content using computer software and graphics. These pictures have realistic appearances and add life to simple visuals. 

What are some of the best CGI Marketing agencies?

Here are some marketing agencies across the world that provide these services:

  • Bark&bite
  • Clutch
  • BrightLocal
  • Crunchbase
  • Image Foundry

You can reach out to these companies for the best CGI services. 

Why this marketing technique is gaining prominence?

This marketing technique is gaining prominence as it helps you generate realistic pictures that boost engagement and social shares of the advertisement. It also helps you add visuals that cannot be shortened with traditional methods. 

Is it different from virtual reality?

Although, CGI is a different concept it often overlaps with technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. Also, CGI is often used in VR. So, it cannot be called a different concept. 

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