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DragGan AI Editing Tool: Drag and Edit, Absolutely hassle-free

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The recent launch of the Max Planck Institute: DragGan AI Editing tool is grabbing everyone’s attention.

What’s most interesting about this tool is that it has not unveiled every color and has become the talk of the town.

Photoshop has always been a big deal if you are not a technical expert. We were used to being in search of tools that are easy to use and perform exceptionally well. 

Our search is over!

DragGan is an AI editing tool that offers you the ease of Photoshop with drag controls. You don’t need to have technical expertise to modify a picture. 

Forget the hassle of using complex editors for refining your pictures and shift to the DragGan AI editing tool now.

What is the DragGan AI tool?

DragGan is an AI-based editing tool that can manipulate your pictures. It allows you to crop, resize or manage the entire image using drag controls. 

The best part is it won’t take more than a few seconds to change the picture by simply dragging on the required point. 

DragGan AI editing tool can replace Photoshop as it is free and can be used by anyone. 

Know a little more about DragGan AI Editing Tool

People are comparing this tool with Photoshop but this one is mightier. It does not degrade the quality of the picture, instead regenerates the targeted object. 

It generates 3D model of the picture which can be edited by the user. It allows a user to adjust, reshape or reposition an object without affecting the entire image. 

DragGan AI editing tool works on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), a type of artificial neural network. It is mainly used for image recognition as it is trained to recognize patterns. 

This CNN model is trained with an image dataset as it requires numerous labeled data points for training. 

Now let’s glance at the stepwise guide to use the DragGan AI editing tool.

How to use DragGan AI Editing Tool?

Follow these easy steps to use DragGan AI:

Step 1- Open the DragGan AI website and upload the picture you want to edit. 

Step 2- Click on the point on the image and drag it to the desired spot. 

Step 3- Now release the point and your picture will be modified.

Step 4- Keep dragging and releasing points to manipulate the picture as per your requirements. 

Step 5- Click on the “save” button, when you are done with editing. 

Features of the DragGan AI tool

Let’s get acquainted with the amazing features of the DragGan AI editing tool:

Simple point-based functioning

DragGan AI allows users to click on the point and change it using simple drag controls. It offers the ease of making realistic adjustments to a picture without smushing its pixels. 

3D-Model generation

DragGan AI editing tool generates a 3D model which allows users to change the shape, position, and emotion of the object. 

Based on AI

Unlike other Photoshop software, DragGan is a tool based on artificial intelligence that has changed the way we approach editing an image. 

This tool has merged 3D-modelling and point-based editing making it easier than ever before.

What can you do using the DragGan editing AI tool?

  • You can change the shape and size of a single object in the image. 
  • Use DragGan AI to change the pose of your cat or friend in the picture.
  • You can also remove irrelevant objects and add new objects to the picture. 
  • It is a great tool to change the background of your images. 
  • You can even draw a picture from scratch using DragGan AI. 

Tips to use DragGan AI

  • Don’t use low-quality images while using the DragGan AI tool for the first time. You may end up judging its capability wrong. 
  • Explore the tool to get the best results. It has numerous options, surf around the DragGan AI website to know them all. 
  • Choose your points precisely and get the desired results in seconds. 


DragGan AI editing tool is going to be a revolutionary product. The AI tool is not even developed completely and has got a great response from its users. 

It works on generative AI, a technology used in most AI products. As per a research paper by the Max Planck Institute, DragGan AI uses a distinctive method for image manipulation. This makes this tool better than other AI-based image editors. 

No tool has ever offered the ease of changing expressions to anyone. It hallucinates the image, generates pixels, and fills chinks without substantial Photoshop editing.

Once the DragGan photo editor is completely developed, it is going to transform our idea towards photo editing and manipulation. 

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1. What is DragGan AI Technology?

DragGan AI is a tool used for easy and smooth editing of images. This tool is powered by generative AI and works on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN).

2. Why is the DragGan AI editing tool better than other tools?

There are many tools based on Artificial Intelligence. It has an edge over other AI tools as it uses distinctive methods and has merged point-based editing with 3D-modeling which makes editing a doodle for everyone.

3. Is the DragGan AI tool free?

Unlike many photo editing tools, DragGan AI is free for everyone. 

4. How do I access the DragGan AI, photo editor?

All you need to do is, search for the DragGan AI website on Google and you’re done. Here is the link to reach the website: DragGan AI editing tool

5. Can I use the DragGan AI editing tool to edit videos?

No, this tool can only be used to edit images and not videos. You cannot edit any other type of file using DragGan AI.

6. Can I use DragGan AI to convert texts to images?

No, DragGan AI cannot be used to convert text to images. However, there are other tools like VEED, that can be used for this purpose. 

7. How much time does DragGan AI take to manipulate a picture?

The tool promises the manipulation of a picture in seconds. But, as a beginner, you may take a few minutes to understand the tool.

8. What are DragGan AI alternatives?

Here are some competitors or alternatives of DragGan AI editing tool:

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