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Ishaan Sharma’s Inspiring Journey: From IIT Aspirant to Crorepati Influencer

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Get ready to be inspired as we hunt through the incredible journey of Ishaan Sharma, a name that’s not just making waves but creating a tidal wave of inspiration for the youth. From dreaming big about cracking the IIT code to scripting his own success story and raking in crores, Ishaan’s tale is not just about financial victory but a validation of resilience, adaptability, and the invariant belief that your journey is entirely yours to shape.

Join me as we explore the twists, turns, and triumphs that define Ishaan Sharma’s extraordinary path.

Ishaan Sharma- Biography

NAME Ishaan Sharma
BIRTHPLACE Goa, Maharashtra
BORN October, 2000
EDUCATION College dropout, BITS Pilani, Goa
OCCUPATION Co-founder of Markitup and Content Creator

Ishaan Sharma- Personal Life

Ishaan Sharma was born in a Hindu middle-class family in Goa, Maharashtra. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a government employee. His father was very keen with him to clear the NTSE exam ( National Talent Search Examination), conducted by NCERT to give scholarships to students studying in Class 10th. Alas, he was not able to clear the exam and after the 10th class, began to prepare for IIT-JEE in Delhi.

Early Life

Ishaan has also been interested in technology from the very beginning and decided to pursue a career in engineering. After preparing for IIT-JEE after the 12th for about 2-3 years, in 2019 he appeared in the exam and he was able to clear IIT-Mains but could not get through IIT-advanced. He was disappointed but his parents cheered him up and told him to focus on what was coming next for him.

Afterward, he appeared in the BITS exam and luckily got selected for the BITS Pilani Goa campus in electrical engineering. He wanted to learn and upskill himself as much as possible and took inspiration from top creators like Aman Dhattarwal.

He was so dedicated and motivated that the day his JEE-advanced exam was over, he started learning coding and purchased a course from Udemy. He was interested in programming and learned Python and also kept on gaining knowledge via books.

By the end of July 2019, he came to BITS Pilani, Goa with a fire to learn and explore more and did not want to take the baggage of not going into any of the IITs.

College Life

After joining the college, he joined various groups and made new friends. Before college only he was into coding, but he doubled down upon it and learned about Machine learning and data science frameworks upskilling himself.

As we all know at the age of 18-24, it is not easy to get rid of distractions, Ishaan also loved the freedom he had, no one was there to tell him what he should do or not. He used to watch movies and series and got distracted in the first 1 or 2 months.

He got the reality check after his mid-sem results where he did not perform well and was average in programming and realized that he had wasted a lot of time watching series and movies but again he started focusing solely on Machine learning.

He also realized to build a career in Machine learning, he needed to have a research paper or thesis and he did not have that much time so he started learning about web development and social media management.

By the end of December 2019, he started his podcast channel with the motto of interviewing people in college, learning from them, recording them and generating awareness, providing value to people, and started putting the podcast videos on YouTube also.

In 2020, as the covid hit, he started making more and more YouTube videos and simultaneously posting content on Linkedin.

Ishaan Sharma- First e-book

Ishaan Sharma

As he was learning about LinkedIn and putting out videos for the same, he got the idea to condense the information into one place and launched an e-book and published it in July 2020 named “Crush it on Linkedin” and gave the first 4,000 copies completely free.


He was so much into learning that apart from making YouTube videos, he was left with some free time. He applied for internships to gain more experience and build a strong resume. He got an opportunity to work as an intern in a company as a Facebook ads manager position.

Soon he realised he had to work full-time there and just get Rs 5,000 for it. Within just 5 days, he left the internship and started working again on his YouTube channel.

New Venture- Podinfinity

After discontinuing the internship, in July 2020, he started with Podinfinity, a pod-casting mentorship session with 7 months of experience. It did not go that well and the revenue was just Rs10,000. As it was just his starting, he was fine with it and again started putting out content on YouTube.

Worked in Able Jobs And Unacademy

In August 2020, he was approached by Able Jobs after seeing his videos on the YouTube channel which wanted him to make content and videos for their channel. After that, he also started getting income from his own YouTube channel. Again in October 2020, he was approached by Unacademy and taught Python. He was managing all this along with appearing for exams at his college.

Opportunity In Codedamn

He got an opportunity to work with his BITS senior in the startup Codedamn and solely worked on growing it. This was an amazing experience for him as he got to learn about many things like e-mail marketing, running Facebook ads, cold outreach, etc., and ended up working with them in January 2021 to focus on building his own business.

His Startup Story- Markitup

Ishaan Sharma

In January 2021, Ishaan was approached by his roommate to start an agency. At this point, Ishaan was reached out by a lot of companies to become a YouTube and content strategist for them. He wanted to work with multiple clients at the same time so in February 2021, he sat down with his roommate, Saransh, and built a website for their startup agency- Markitup, and launched it in February itself.

To your surprise, they got the first client on the first day and were growing rapidly.

About Markitup

Markitup, a dynamic content marketing agency, is dedicated to propelling brands to new heights through the power of social media. Their expertise lies in diverse forms of content creation, spanning from compelling video production to impactful editing and the art of crafting creative memes that resonate with the target audience. They understand the pulse of social platforms, utilizing our skills to curate content that not only captures attention but also fosters meaningful engagement. Currently, 15 people are working in it of which 5 are permanent and 10 work on a freelance basis.

Ishaan Sharma success story
Ishaan Sharma success story


Biggest Achievement

He had been working on this for quite a long and it took him 450 emails, 450 days, and 15 flights from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Banglore to launch his book with his co-author Mr. Kushal Lodhi named “Unlocking the Unicorn Secrets”

Getting interviewed in a show, when asked about his biggest achievement so far,

He said” It is not about how much money I have made, it is when I go to any event and someone reaches out to me and says I have seen your video and executed what you said in that video and got a job or landed a client or I paid my college fees or bought a laptop, all of this inspires me to keep going.”

Social Media Presence

You tube 1.14 million subscribers
Instagram 646k followers
Linkedin 317,332 followers


Final Thoughts

Ishaan Sharma’s story is a witness to the fact that failure can indeed be a game-changer. The twist of not cracking IIT opened new avenues for him, and with an unvarying dedication and a hunger for learning, he achieved extraordinary feats at the young age of 23. From navigating the challenges of academia to founding Markitup, a thriving content marketing agency, Ishaan’s trajectory is an inspiration to the youth. His story is proof of the idea that setbacks are stepping stones, and with the right mindset, one can transform failures into incredible achievements and become an inspiration to many.

What did you learn from his journey? Do share your thoughts in the comment section! Stay tuned for more such amazing success stories of influencers


How many income sources does Ishaan Sharma have?

He has various means of earning- Mainly from his company Markitup and from YouTube too.

What is the net worth of Ishaan Sharma?

He was able to generate more than 1.6 crores from just his YouTube channel last year.

What was his rank in IIT-JEE advanced?

Ishaan Sharma got 20,000+ rank in IIT advanced and that is why he could not get into any of the IITs.

What is Ishaan Sharma’s vision?

He wants to inspire the young creators and help them as much as he can and talks if anyone could get anything watching his videos, that would be his biggest achievement.

What is the secret sauce in his massive success?

The secret ingredient that he had was his learning attitude. Throughout his journey, he wanted to explore and upskill himself and had a burning desire to do something big and a  self-belief that plays a major role in his success story.



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