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Lifestyle newborn photography: #1 Ultimate guide

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Do you love the idea of creating precious memories for families with a keen eye for
heartwarming and candid moments?


Let me tell you one thing, getting pictures of newborns is not so easy!

Questions like Where to start?

What to wear?

What props to use?

What should be the poses?

And of course, which lens to use can pop up in your mind?

In this blog, you will get answers to all these questions and many more. Let’s dive into
Lifestyle Newborn Photography!

Imagine being a part of the most precious moment in people’s lives- the arrival of
a newborn. As a lifestyle photographer, you can have the power to capture these
cherished moments and create unforgettable memories for your clients.

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

It is an art that captures the baby’s first days, and weeks in a candid, natural, and
unposed setting in the comfort of your home. It focuses on the connection
between a baby and the family members and with their new environment. It is not
just a shoot but capturing the baby’s first smile.

Before starting, you must know how lifestyle newborn photography is different
from posed/traditional ones.

lifestyle newborn photography
lifestyle newborn photography

What are the things you need for the newborn shoot?

Since it is done at home, there are minimal requirements for you and your parents as

Parents need to simply:

  •  Select a clean space in your home with a window or any area wherever
    makes you feel most comfortable and happy.
  • You do not need fancy clothing – all you need is love and heart for your
  •  No or minimal props are required. If you have one more child, then you can
    use his toys also.
  • You must keep the baby well-fed and rested for a happy mood in the shoot.

Photographers require:

  • Lenses- For capturing the details- 50mmf/1.4lens, 85mmf/1.4lens
    For capturing the scenes with family- 24mmf/1.4lens, 24-70mmf/2.8lens.
  • Tripod for low light conditions indoors.
lifestyle newborn photography
lifestyle newborn photography

What to wear for the newborn photoshoot?

8 Things to tell your clients while selecting the outfits:

  1. The parents should not wear anything that contains thick stripes or
    patterns over it as it will not look appropriate.
  2. Ask them to choose an outfit that is as plain as possible yet classy.
  3. Tell them not to wear any top or shirt that contains big logos as it will
    catch all the attention.
  4. For mothers, tell them to avoid any tops which have beads or stones on
    them as their baby’s body will come in contact with them.
  5. If the mother is comfortable showing her arms, she can wear a tube top
    or strapless dress as it will look pretty with the body-to-body touch with the
  6.  If not, she can go for the plain full sleeves top having a round or V- neck
    for a perfect family picture.
  7.  For the lower part, jeans are suitable for both parents.
  8. For the newborn, whatever is comfortable for the baby, parents can go
    for it and, if possible in white color.

Color Combinations To Avoid?



What are the props needed?

The requirement for props is minimal. You can just take some of the toys of the
baby like a soft toy or rattles. No fancy props are required.

Some pose ideas for the newborn shoot at home

It is not posing but more of directing parents to interact with the baby

  • Ask the parents to sit together on the bed and kiss or cuddle their bundle
    of joy.
  • Parents can lie down with the newborn and shoot them from each side.
  • You can take a picture of the baby holding Dad’s or Mum’s thumb.
  • A perfect picture can be taken of a mother in a nursery feeding her baby or
    changing the diaper or burping their baby or doing day-to-day activities.
  • You can take a picture of parents bathing their newborns.
  • If a sibling is there, first take his/her picture with the baby as their patience
    level is low.

Points to remember for a Happy Lifestyle Newborn Shoot!

● Pose once, and shoot three times from every angle.
● Do not stick to one room, use all the corners for the shoot.
● Capture the details of the newborn like curling of their hands, yawning or
their feet, and sleeping.
● Do not ask parents to pose, just give them the right direction.
● Before the shoot, briefly tour the house and chat with the
client about what they need to capture.
● Make the room for the baby as comfortable and warm as possible.
● Plan your shoot in the golden hour to use natural light best
and amazing results.

Offering Packages and Services

You can offer various packages and ask the clients to choose according to their
needs and budget. You can include albums, prints, and digital files in your


As a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, you can
capture love, laughter, and genuine moments that last a lifetime. It is not just a
photoshoot but a beautiful story of the family’s journey together.

It is an easy and stress-free way to get amazing pictures of the baby in a candid and natural from the comfort of the home with minimal requirements and, most important the
the comfort of the baby. You can capture the little one’s sweetest moments that will
make the family relive them over again.

Start clicking and let your lens paint the most heartwarming stories!

Comment below if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.


When to take lifestyle newborn photos?

Lifestyle newborn photographs are ideally taken within the first two weeks after
the baby is born as this time a photographer can capture adorable moments like curling of fingers, yawning, and sleeping. However, every baby is different. Some parents prefer the shoot within 1st month or 3 months.

What to wear for newborn lifestyle photography?

Parents can change their outfits depending on their choice, but they should be
comfortable. As far as the baby is concerned, choose the outfit that is more
comfortable for the newborn.

Where to buy newborn lifestyle shoot props?

In this photograph, minimal props are required. Some toys only will work perfectly
for the shoot.

Can we take photos of the newborn baby?

Yes, photos of newborns can be taken, but it is essential to handle the newborn
with utmost care like always using soft props, keeping the room warm and quiet
to maintain a peaceful environment, utilizing natural light to get flattering images,
and taking breaks when needed.

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