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Naked Nature: A Startup Redefining Skin Care With The Magic Of Desi-Cow Ghee

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We are in a world where skincare has become a daily ritual, and striving towards radiant and healthy skin is more prominent than ever before.


Have we stopped considering what we are putting on our skin?

Skincare products might provide immediate results. Still, their long-term effects can be alarming because of certain chemicals like parabens, sulfates, etc which cause skin irritation, allergies, and sensitivities that are just the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, the pollution caused by chemical skin care products is unimaginable!

Do you know 1 Kg of shampoo pollutes 26,000 litres of water and produces 3.2kg carbon emission?!

Worry not! This is where business startupNAKED NATURE shines through.

In this blog, I will unravel the story behind the brand Naked Nature. Let’s get started!


Welcome to the world of Naked Nature– a startup that is not just a skincare line but a movement in itself.

Naked nature
Naked nature


The name Naked Nature is self-explanatory that is uncovered or anything in its natural state. It started as an initiative in India to create awareness of organic dairy products.

You will be amazed to know it is the World’s first skincare and haircare brand made with desi-cow ghee. It is made from the depth of Indian tradition to satisfy the users with chemical-free products.

 COMPANY   Naked Nature (Started in 2018)
 FOUNDER   Surya Varshan
 INDUSTRY   Skincare
 PRODUCTS           Wide range of products starting from skin and haircare, lip and     eyecare, foot and tooth care, baby care, and bath products ( 60+   products)


Startup Founder And His Story

Naked Nature is founded by a visionary 18-year-old young entrepreneur, Surya Varshan who started from scratch with zero experience.

Naked nature
Naked nature


He was interested in business from his childhood days only when he used to buy chocolates with pocket money in 7th grade and then later sell them for double the price during the festive season.

He started with just 200 rupees that he had saved from his pocket money and made his first product which was Bath salt that is good for the skin.

He got the idea of making Bath salt as in the district Thoothuludi (where his mother lived), people uses salt for everything from cooking to healing wound.

He grew up in a typical middle-class family. His father is a businessman having a photo studio in Madurai and he also wanted to open a business from a young age.

He was in Class 12th when he made his first product that he named Hibiscus Bath Salt. He began to sell his product in the stores

Naked nature
Naked nature



Guess what?

No one was interested in his products. He was facing difficulty in marketing his products.

Then he completed his higher education and enrolled in BE Civil Engineering at Jeppiar Engineering College in Chennai. But he was still thinking about his business idea. He would travel to Madurai every weekend to work on his business and visit stores to sell them.

Thinking of his worst experience since starting his business, Surya recalls, “One day I had an idea. However, no one replied positively, and I was not able to make a single sale. I was heartbroken.”

He hustled very hard to market his products.

And finally, an Ayurvedic doctor purchased one container of Bath Salt for his parents. After 1 week, he called Surya to produce six jars every week for him.

This was the first breakthrough that gave him confidence and he convinced his parents to get shifted to Velammal College of Engineering in Madurai so he could focus on his business too.

He was getting delayed in payments from the stores, so he thought to start selling online as nobody will know that the owner is just a college guy.

Then, he learned internet advertising and digital marketing and use this to collect funds to expand his startup. He started taking online classes for the same and charge an amount for 2-3 hours per session.

You will be amazed to hear, he collected Rs 2.20 lakh with the help of classes which he invested in manufacturing new things for his startup business.

In the year 2019, he left Velammal College and studied BSC in Biotechnology at Thiagarajar College, which was related to his field only.

After this dedication, passion, and hard work, how can one not achieve what he desires?

Finally, he got an order of 200 hair oils from Maldives, and in 2019, he started a small factory startup and after that, it was no turning back.

Surya Varshan is a perfect example of this line said by Aamir Khan in the Bollywood movie 3 Idiots, “Success ke peeche mat bhagat, kabil bano kabil..kamyabi toh jjakmaar ke peeche bbhagat

( You just focus on Excellence and then Success will come automatically)


Naked nature
Naked nature


There are many companies like Mamaearth, Biotique, Organic Harvest, True Botanicals, and 100% Natural which also specialize in chemical-free products and increase the competition for Naked Nature.

Why choose Naked Nature?

Naked Nature is the world’s first skincare and haircare brand that manufactures products out of desi-cow ghee.

It has a global presence in 18+ countries and has 30,000+ satisfied customers.

♦ The products not only cure skincare and haircare problems but are also 95% biodegradable and do not pollute water.

♦ It is not only a skincare brand but an ethical skincare brand with ethical manufacturing of products without any hidden ingredients, chemicals or preservatives and colorings and hence named- Naked Nature

♦ Every marketing activity is completely transparent without any fancy celebrities or fake clients.

Social media

  INSTAGRAM                24.9K FOLLOWERS


  2021-2022       Rs 56 lakhs
  2022-2023       Rs 30 crore


Recognitions And Achievements

♦ Surya Varshan was the winner of the global students’ entrepreneur award 2021-22 hosted by the Coimbatore Chapter of EO and got Rs 1 lakh.

♦ Naked Nature got a certificate of recognition in Nationwide Startup Awards 2022 and had been awarded in the category of best-emerging skincare brand-2022.

♦ Surya is an incubator at Crescent Innovation & Incubation Council (CIIC), Chennai, which has valued his enterprise at Rs 10 crore. It offered him a grant of Rs 30 lakh to develop his business.


Naked Nature products are also available at nine stores in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Recently, they have opened a new store in Madurai too.

Final words

In the world of skincare, it is not just about looking good but feeling good- both inside and outside. By choosing Naked Nature’s eco-friendly products, we are prioritizing our skin’s health as well as our planet’s well-being.

It is a commitment to a holistic approach to beauty that resonates with people seeking healthier lifestyles. Its dedication to authenticity and transparency sets it apart in the industry.

It is a movement towards cleaner, kinder, and more effective skin and hair care for your well-being and the world around you.

I am going to try out the fantastic products just after writing the blog!

Will you give it a try? Let me know in the comments section!

PRO TIP- If you want to learn about marketing, Click here !!!


What is the price of the products?

The products are wallet-friendly. It ranges from Rs 156 to Rs 357 and discounts are also available.

What are the benefits of desi-cow ghee?

♦ Desi cow ghee contains fatty acids and essential nutrients that help in maintaining hydration and prevent dryness.

♦ The vitamins present in desi cow ghee like A, D, and E help in promoting healthy hair growth leading to shinier and smooth hair.

♦ Its anti-inflammatory properties help in treating skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

♦ Massaging desi cow ghee on the scalp can prevent dandruff, and itchiness and promotes a balanced pH that contributes to overall hair health.

What are the ingredients of these products?

It contains natural ingredients like Rose, Hibiscus, Saffron, etc with a blend of desi cow ghee with no chemicals, artificial colors, fragrance, and preservatives.


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