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6 Types Of Web Hosting And The Perfect Hosting Plan For You

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Ever wondered how to make your mark in the online world? If you’re a business owner, startup enthusiast, or running a small biz, the secret lies in choosing the right web hosting.

You must be aware, that the minimum requirement is to have a website but to make it accessible to users, you need to have a Web Hosting platform.

I have seen many business owners getting stuck at finding the best type of web hosting and end up purchasing the one that does more harm than good.

Various types of web hosting look like this- Imagine you’re at a restaurant, and the menu doesn’t have prices. Hosting plans often feel like that. People worry about overordering and ending up with a bill they weren’t prepared for.

In this blog, all your confusion regarding what are the various types of web hosting, how to select the perfect web hosting for your business and various insights regarding the same will become crystal clear!

Within the next few minutes, you will be able to choose the right web hosting service for you and thorough knowledge of the same! Let’s get started!

Web Hosting Definition

Before diving directly into the types of web hosting you need for your business, you should have a little knowledge about what exactly “Web Hosting” is.

In simple terms, Web Hosting is a service that stores your website’s data on a server, making it accessible to users on the internet. When someone types your website’s address (like into their browser, the web host makes sure your website’s pages are delivered to their screen.

To make it more clear, see these 2 Examples

  • Think of web hosting as renting a storefront. You choose a hosting provider (like a landlord), pay a fee, and in return, they give you space on the internet where your website can “set up shop” and be open for visitors 24/7.
  • Imagine you want to open a shop on a busy street to showcase and sell your products. Now, you need a physical space to set up your shop, right? In the online world, web hosting is like that space for your website.

I hope before moving forward, it is clear to you what is Web hosting and why you need that!

Now you know the need for Web Hosting for a business, talking about the different plans, there are many types of web hosting plans in the market which can become pretty complicated to understand and you might end up purchasing the wrong one not suitable for your business that can hamper your website’s progress.

So, let’s take a look at the types of web hosting!

Most Common Types Of Web Hosting

There are broadly two types of web bosting- FREE AND PAID

Free hosting is a great option at the starting point but as your website gets more traffic, it requires more resources, support, and more control. It’s like choosing between a free bus ride and having your car – both get you there, but one offers more freedom and features.

1. Free Hosting

Website Builders Blogging Platforms
These platforms provide an all-in-one solution, combining hosting with website-building tools. They are user-friendly and perfect for those who want an easy way to create a website.

EXAMPLE– Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

These are platforms designed specifically for bloggers. They offer free hosting for your blog and are easy to set up.

EXAMPLE– Blogger, Medium


Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting


Below are 6 common (PAID) types of web hosting:

2. Shared Web Hosting/ Virtual Web Hosting

⇒ Shared hosting, as the name itself suggests is a type of web hosting in which a single server is shared by more than one website or multiple websites that is one server will contain multiple users and share various resources as well.

⇒ It is the most affordable, easy-to-manage type of web hosting excellent for beginners.

⇒ It is suitable for small business owners who are just starting, to write personal blogs or to make a portfolio where the website requirement is not too large.

⇒ It is for users who have ∼10k-40k visits/month and the investment starts from $ 0.83/month.

Easy setup, cost-effective Due to sharing, resources are limited
Best for beginners and small websites If one website gets higher traffic, the other can get affected due to sharing a single server
Availability of customer support Due to sharing, downtime risk is present


Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting


3. VPS Web Hosting

⇒ Virtual Private Server ( VPS) is the most popular type of web hosting in which a single server is divided into distinct compartments each functioning independently with dedicated resources.

⇒ It is one of the well-balanced and cost-effective types of web hosting in which one physical server can run many virtualized operating systems. Think of VPS web hosting as a rented building in which there are different compartments( rooms) provided to different users with their resources like washroom, kitchen, etc.

⇒ It is suitable for growing websites, and small business owners with moderate traffic.

⇒ It is for users who have ∼ 10k-50k visitors/day and the investment starts from $3/month.

Better performance than shared hosting Higher cost than shared hosting
Better security than shared hosting It requires technical knowledge
Customization and control present Server maintenance is required


Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting


4. Dedicated Web Hosting

⇒ Dedicated hosting is the best choice among various types of web hosting in terms of scalability, performance, and uptime as one whole dedicated server is provided to you alone.

⇒ Since resources are not shared in this type of web hosting, the website will operate with maximum capability and you have full control over customization.

⇒ It is suitable for websites with heavy traffic, e-commerce websites like Amazon, and Flipkart uses dedicated web hosting, and complex websites with high-security requirement.

⇒ It is for users who have >60k visitors/day and the average investment starts from $120/month.

High performance Most expensive
Optimal stability and reliability It requires technical expertise
Complete customization and enhanced security The user is responsible for server maintenance and long set-up time


Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting


5. Cloud Web Hosting

⇒ Cloud hosting uses services in which several servers are clustered together, so even if one server has any network issue, the other servers will take up the hold and responsibilities.

⇒ It is the same as VPS web hosting but with multiple remote servers available.

⇒ It is suitable for medium and high-scale businesses growing at a fast pace.

⇒ It is for users who have ∼ 50k visitors/month and the average investment starts from $ 9/month.

Rapid scalability User-managed security
Flexibility for handling traffic It requires technical expertise
Highly reliable Costly than shared hosting


Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting


6. Managed WordPress Web Hosting

⇒ As the name suggests, this is one of the types of web hosting suitable for WordPress websites. Both automatic and manual are available with excellent customer service.

⇒ In this, the technical aspect is seen by the hosting provider and the user has to just focus on content creation.

⇒ It is suitable for bloggers, and businesses who do not want to get into technical aspects and want a hassle-free and optimized website.

⇒ The average investment depends upon the features and resources required and it can cost between $10-$100/month.

Web hosting provider handles the technical aspect Expensive than standard hosting
The hosting provider monitors the site issues Provider limit customization options
Customer support available The provider has control over the server


Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting


7. Reseller Web Hosting

⇒ As the name depicts, in Reseller hosting, users or businesses purchase the hosting resources from a provider and then sell them to the clients.

⇒ Users act as a connecting link between the hosting provider and clients but the quality of the server depends upon the hosting provider.

⇒ It is suitable for web designers, and web developers who want to generate good revenue without managing server structure.

⇒ The average starting price for reseller hosting can vary based on the provider, the features offered, and the resources provided.

Add-on revenue generation for developers Customer support for the client
One can create their brand Server management knowledge is required
Server infrastructure managed by the provider Users’ service quality depends on the hosting provider


Types Of Web Hosting
Types Of Web Hosting


If you are a beginner, after knowing the most popular types of web hosting, you must be wondering if there are any criteria through which you can find the best web hosting suitable for your business!

Worry not! To make it easier for you, I have explained it below!

Factors To Select The Best Web Hosting

There are broadly two factors that are responsible for choosing the right type of web hosting:

1. Website need/ requirement

2. Website hosting provider technologies

♦ Website need/ requirement: It involves how much traffic your website gets and the type of platform in which your website is made.

⇒ Types of platforms we have already discussed which we talked about various web hostings mainly including Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting.

Website hosting provider technologies: It involves 6 main factors:

Data Centre, Storage, bandwidth, Migration, Security and Support

Data Centre    Bandwidth      Storage   Migration    Security    Support
Choose a web host that has multiple server host options Bandwidth is the website’s data transfer limit within a given period( can be month-based)  

Storage refers to the space in the server where the site’s files and data are stored such as images, and videos.

You should check if migration facilities are provided or not. Check if they are providing the basic security needs, SSL certificate, etc.  

You need to make sure they are providing you with chat or e-mail customer support.

  Bandwidth is divided into further two types- Metered and Unmetered

 Metered– In this, there is a  limit on how much traffic the website can handle.

 Unmetered– In this type of hosting, the service will not limit the amount of data transformed monthly and will only set the server’s capacity.

TIP: To know how much bandwidth your website requires, you can easily calculate that based on three things

          Monthly Visitors                 Page Views               Web Page Size


For example: Let’s say monthly visitors= 6000, page views= 3 ( average per person views 3 pages), page size( one page)= 1MB

6000*3*1MB= 18,000mb ( After that multiply by 200%) = 36,000mb ∼ 36 GB Bandwidth

Types Of Web Hosting


10 List Of Top Web Hosting Providers Companies

  • Hostinger– Affordable hosting plans and free website builder.Price- Rs 249/mon
  • Bluehost– WordPress recommended hosting.Price- Rs 169/mon
  • Go Daddy– Domain registration and website builder available.Price- Rs 299/mon
  • Dreamhost– 97-day money-back guarantee and WordPress-optimized.Price-Rs 216/mon
  • Site Ground– SuperCacher for faster website speed.Price- Rs 557/mon
  • HostGatorUnmetered bandwidth and free website builder.Price- Rs 249/mon
  • A2 HostingTurbo servers for faster page loading.Price- Rs 1,416/mon
  • InMotion Hosting– Free website migration and BoldGrid website builder.Price- Rs 1,249/mon
  • KinstaManaged WordPress hosting with Google Cloud Platform.Price- Rs 2,918/mon
  • HostItBro– They provide cPanel in every shared hosting plan.Price- Rs 144/mon



Web hosting is the digital foundation for your online presence, providing the infrastructure for your website to be accessible 24/7. It ensures your site’s speed, reliability, and security, influencing user experience and search engine rankings. There are mainly 6 types of web hosting and you can choose the best plan for you based on their pros and cons.

Never worry about choosing the perfect web hosting for you now!

If you still have any questions regarding the different types of web hosting and which one is right for your website(s)? Let us know in the comments below!

If you are a beginner and wish to launch your business, check out these amazing business ideas on our website!


Can you change the web hosting service?

Yes, you can change your web hosting service. Here are the key steps to follow:

  • Backup Your Website
  • Select a New Hosting Provider
  • Purchase a Plan
  • Set Up Your New Hosting Account
  • Transfer Your Domain
  • Upload Your Website

If you’re unsure about any step, consider seeking assistance from your new hosting provider or a professional web developer.

What is the common type of web hosting?

Shared hosting is the most preferred type of web hosting by website owners in which a single server controls multiple websites.

What is colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting is one type of web hosting that outsources the housing and maintenance of your servers to a specialized facility, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about the technical details of server management.

In simple terms, it is like renting a parking space for your website or business servers. Instead of keeping your servers at home or in your office, you place them in a specialized facility called a data center. These data centers provide the space, power, cooling, and security needed to keep your servers running smoothly.

Is it necessary to go for paid web hosting?

While there are free web hosting options available, opting for paid types of web hosting is often advisable for several reasons:

  • Reliability and Performance
  • Customer Support
  • Customization and Features
  • Professionalism and Credibility
  • Security



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