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The Ultimate List of Top 70 Business Ideas in the USA

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Business Ideas in the USA
Business Ideas in the USA


Going by this quote, we have curated this article containing the list of the top 70 business ideas in the USA. Often, people get an idea, start working on it, and remain stuck to that idea only for the reason, they won’t get a better idea or opportunity. 

That’s not true!

With the right amount of effort, you can always find profitable ideas that are easy in your pocket, serve a purpose, and contribute to your growth. 

People believe selling your product is the most difficult part of a business. But I have a slightly different view. I believe, finding the right business idea is the most crucial step of the entire procedure. 

Let’s understand this using an example. 

When a farmer sows a seed, he understands his soil type, his budget, weather, manure availability, government schemes, and many other factors. The same is the case of a start-up founder, he needs to find an idea that feeds his interest, serves the market, and brings profit. 

Don’t worry founders! We have got your back. In this article, we have talked about the top 70 business ideas in the USA. 

We hope you will find your perfect idea from the list. 

The Most Amazing List of Top 70 Business Ideas in the USA

1. Podcaster

The reason I placed it at the top of the list of top business ideas in the USA is ROI. You can expect a good return on investment if you are conducting the podcasts in the right manner. The question is what does this right manner mean?

Podcasting is not easy. You have to select a niche, find the right platform, good audio tools, and much more. You also have to be careful about the guests you are calling for the podcasts. That is the key. And once your podcast is popular, you can expect great returns. 

2. Handmade Jewelry

This is fun if you love art and creativity. You can create jewelry even using waste products and sell it to your customers using sites like Etsy. This is a low-investment business that is super amazing. It is open to innovation so you can try thousands of designs as per the trend. You can also start online classes for teaching jewelry-making and making money. 

3. Tutoring

Think of some of the best business ideas in the USA and I bet tutoring will strike your mind. The task isn’t heavy and allows you to make good money. All you need to do is promote your business and find children. But the thing is it is not easy. In the social media era, you have to make reels on Instagram, design colorful websites, and present yourself as an expert to convince people to get your service. 

If you can do that, tutoring is not difficult for you. 

4. Transcribing

Let me begin with the average salary which is $45000-$60000. It could be more depending on your work. You must be thinking about automation that is ruling the industry but still there is a room for human talent. If you can type unusually fast and keep secrets, you should try your hands at this business. As a normal typist, you may or may not be able to make good money but as a transcriber, you can surely do that. 

5. Blogging

This isn’t something new but this is not going to get old anyway. You can start a blog with minimum or no investment. We all know it takes time to grow but you have to be consistent for this work. With realistic expectations and good writing skills, you can start a blog and build it over time. 

6. Copywriting

On average, you can make $40,000-$70,000 if you start copywriting. Copywriters create ad copies, and sales pages depending on the requirements of the business. In fact, you can make more than a blogger or content writer by working as a copywriter. All you need to do is build connections and find the right clients to work for. You can also go through a complete guide to becoming a copywriter.  

7. Social Media Manager

I won’t be exaggerating by calling it one of the best business ideas in the USA as you can earn dollars in less than a year. I’m not saying that you can earn money by doing nothing. The pay scale is good. You need to acquire multiple skills like content creation, engagement, and account management for different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

Often, CEOs or big businesses hire social media managers for personal or company account management and they pay well. 

8. Pet Grooming

66% of US households have pets so you can calculate the benefits of starting this business. This is one of the most amazing business ideas in the USA if you love pets and their grooming. You can get started with a few clients and then scale up your business. You can get a website and social media accounts to promote your business. Don’t hesitate to ask your clients to spread the word about your business. 

9. Woodworker

In a country like the USA, you don’t even have to think twice before starting this business. Once you are an erudite, you are going to earn crazily. You can expect $70000-$80000 per month through this business. Make sure you have acquired this skill from a reputed place and you leave no stone unturned in serving the best to your clients. 

10. Online Dating Consultant

If you are good at something, don’t do it for free. 

 If you give extraordinary dating advice to your friends, then making money using this talent is not a bad idea for sure. Build a website and social media account and start promoting your services. You can provide this advice to young and old people who are still looking for the right people. If you have an interest in astrology, you can use that knowledge to serve your clients the best. This will support your business to a great extent.

11. Freelance Developer

Freelancing is never going to get old. Many times businesses find it expensive to get an employee for a task that can be done within a few days, so they go for freelancers. These days freelance developers are not only making money through businesses but through solopreneurs as well. All you need to do is get the required skills and try one of the best business ideas in the USA. 

12. Landscaper

Trimming and mowing are activities that are often done by ourselves. But sometimes people with busy schedules outsource their work. Doing this on a bigger level is lucrative and if you think this feeds your interest, then you should give it a try. 

13. Bed and Breakfast Owner

This business requires research, investment, space, and staff. You have to research your area and understand tourism. Then develop plans and packages according to their requirements and themes. You’ll need staff for upkeeping, cleaning, and other services. You can expect a good ROI in this business. 

14. Car Detailing Specialist

Some people love to get their car details changed from time to time. They give you a chance to serve them and start a car detailing business. You can earn more than $100000 or more or less depending on the scale of your business. You have to get better with time otherwise you’ll lose your clients as this business works on creativity and innovation. Make sure you are providing customisation services as well otherwise, you’ll competitor will have an edge over you. 

15. Garden Designer

I feel peaceful when I’m in my garden. And the same is the case with everyone as greenery doesn’t only serve our eyes but rejuvenates our minds as well. This is why most people love to keep their gardens clean and decorated. So, what is stopping you from becoming a solution to this problem? If you have the skill, use it and make people’s gardens beautiful and morning refreshing. 

16. Home Inspector

The home inspector inspects false ceilings, electrical wires, walls, taps, and everything on behalf of a buyer. If you are willing to do this with full honesty, you can go for this business. You are paid well but make sure the service is flawless. 

17. Interior designer

Interior designers can change the way a room or a house looks. If you are an expert in interior design, start this business today. You are going to make $70000-$90000 or more depending on your work. This business is never going to get old as people keep changing their interiors for a better environment. Make sure you are providing customized services as well. 

Business Ideas in the USA
Business Ideas in the USA


18. Audio or Video Editor

This is one of the most outsourced activities businesses do. Not just businesses these days influencers are also outsourcing these tasks for improved quality. You need to learn editing skills to provide this service. It is needless to say that using AI tools can grow your business to great heights. 

19. Dog trainer or dog walker

Dog training services are required at different levels. From the investigation department to households, everyone requires these services. And once you convince them of your service, they will promote your business by themselves. 

If you don’t want to get into training, you can also try hands-on dog walking. Start with a few clients and scale up as per your capabilities. 

20. Florist

Spread colors and fragrances in people’s lives by becoming a florist. If you can scale up this business, you can make good money. The investment is not big but returns could be great depending on your hard work. It is one of the best businesses in the USA as it is an evergreen business. Though the trend of online flower selling has entered the market shops aren’t closed yet. Some people still don’t rely on online florists and prefer buying flowers from retailers. You can use different ways to promote your business including online as well as offline techniques. 

21. Tour Guide

Tour guides are paid well. If you love traveling, then this is a great option for you. You have to explore your area very well so that you can guide other travelers. If you want to explore other places, you can try that too. 

22. Professional Organizer

Often, people struggle with mismanaged houses or offices and they don’t have enough time to manage it. Sometimes they prefer professionals for the same. So, you can start this business with a small investment in a website and bins and bags. 

23. Online courses seller

COVID-19 has given an unusual upsurge to the online course market. You must be thinking the market is busy and congested but it still is one of the best businesses in the USA. With the right promotional methods and better quality services, you can sell your business and make enough money. Build a platform, that sells courses in different fields. 

You can also start a niche-specific platform. 

24. Handyman

If you are called to repair everything that breaks or stops working at your home, then you are already a handyman. You just have to sell your services now. Build a website, get expertise in the field that you love the most, and start your business. Sometimes handymen require licenses, if your job requires the same, get a license and start your services. 

25. Homemade gourmet foods

The love for gourmet food is undying. And when you are able to sell healthy homemade gourmet food people would love it. In today’s age, everyone is not just taste-conscious but health-conscious too. By serving the diabetic class or others you can grow your business to great heights. 

26. Programming

As a programmer, you can start multiple businesses like building Chrome extensions, software, applications, tools, and much more. It is one of the best business ideas in the USA as the economy is highly dependent on such tools.

27. Catering

Catering is one of the most prominent business ideas in the USA. People never get tired of trying new food options. Start a catering business that serves all communities completely. From European to Indian, everyone should relate to your business as the USA has a great diaspora from both regions. Serve quality and this is how you can stop your clients from jumping on to another option. 

28. Starting a food truck

This concept is gaining global attention and is one of the most profitable business ideas in the USA. You can cook in this truck and sell across the city. People prefer such trucks for affordable eating options. As we know, people from different countries live and work in the USA, so they look for affordable options. 

29. Cleaning Services

You can start a cleaning services business as well. You need to hire cleaning staff and buy a mop, broom, and other relevant products. You also have to build a website to expand your reach. Once you are established you can expect heavy profits.

30. Event or party planner

What else? This is the only question your client is going to ask while looking for themes. If you have tons of ideas and can innovate them as well, then this is the right business for you. Event planning is one of the most profitable businesses in the USA.

31. Tax Preparer

Filing taxes is not what everyone loves but some people don’t like preparing their tax files. You can get yourself registered with the IRS as a tax preparer and start selling your services. Most people prefer selling their services to large and medium-sized enterprises.

32. Logo Designing

You must be thinking this is an old service and there’s no point in starting it. But there is always some room for you to make money by applying your skills. Design something unique and charge for it. Start with small businesses with fewer charges and then upscale it. 

33. Translator

We all know that the USA is surrounded by people from different nations and in that scenario developing a translator is a great idea. You have to check what your competitors are not providing. Make sure you are taking advantage of their shortcoming while developing your translator. 

34. Personal Chef

A personal chef is a service mostly sought by big businessmen who want chefs at their places. They love trying unique dishes which is why they look for such services. You can make $60000-$70000 depending on your skills. 

Business Ideas in the USA
Business Ideas in the USA


35. Calligrapher

Calligraphy is a beautiful skill and if you possess this skill, don’t hesitate to make it a source of income. You can provide these services to card designers, printing businesses, and directly to customers. Start a page and write old-age letters using different writing skills. People love aesthetics these days. 

36. Personal Shopper

Girls are going to love this job as they are going to get paid for shopping. If you have good knowledge of fashion and other products, you can shop for clothes and groceries for others and they pay you for that. 

37. Concert and Show Promotion

A friend of mine is earning through this activity. They assign you the simple task of promoting the concert and showing it in every possible manner. You get paid for your work. This is like a side job for you to have some extra money in your pocket. 

38. Fashion Designer

Do you think you have great design skills? If yes, then don’t think twice and begin your services now. You can become a big brand by providing premium designs within a few years. It is one of the most bankable business ideas in the USA. You can enter the entertainment industry or grow your brand. 

39. Hairstylist

Hairstylist is one of the best business ideas in the USA. You can provide these services at any level. You can open your salon or provide your services in the entertainment industry and earn crazily. 

40. Craft beer brewing

If you love brewing, then this is the best opportunity for you to do what you love. The seams for beer brewing are never-ending. The initial cost is high but you can expect a good return on investment after some time. 

41. Gift Kit Creator

People love giving customized gift kits. You can start a small business where you can sell embellished gift kits adding products of your customer’s choice. You can start this business with little investment and creativity. 

42. Clothing Alteration Service

This is not found easily. So, if you are planning to start one, then go ahead. You can start with a small rental space and expand accordingly. It is advisable to start these services for both men and women. 

43. Self-defence instructor

From kids to old-age women, everyone learns self-defends practices so there is nothing to think about before starting this business. If you believe, you can provide the best of these services, you can start it today. Don’t forget to use online methods to promote your business. 

44. Pet Sitting

Around 87 million households own pets but not everyone can manage them with work. So, serve them a solution and start a pet-sitting business with a rental space. If you love pets, you can have a great time with these furry friends and make money too. Again, you can approach social media and other digital methods to promote your business. 

45. Short-term rental manager

When big firms avoid spending on employees for management work, they go for rental managers. This is a fun job as you can make good money and have experience in different fields. You can learn new things from different projects. 

46. Seminar Promotion

Seminar or event promoter services are common in the USA. People are making money by doing these easy jobs. You have to use both online and offline methods to promote an event and the organisers will pay you for the same. 

47. Pool Services

Around 10 million people have private pools and there are tons of pools in farmhouses and party places that require services. Pool services include cleaning, water changing, and maintaining the entire infrastructure of the pool. 

48. Nanny 

If you love kids, you can start this work. Mostly, girls are preferred for such roles as people trust them. But you can break stereotypes and give it a trial. The job is not bad and you can make good money. 

49. Computer Training for Kids

The work is neither hard nor easy but it’s fun for sure. As parents are conscious about their children’s growth in every aspect, they prefer special computer coaches who can train them from scratch. If you think, you have the patience to deal with children, your job is waiting for you. You can use online methods to promote your business. 

50. Children Fitness Expert

Nowadays mothers are conscious about their children’s health and they prefer professional help for the same. From nutritionist to physical trainer, you can provide all kinds of services in one place. You can earn around $50000 or more depending on your clients. 

51. Nutritionist

Nutrition is one of the best business ideas in the USA as people love to keep track of their diet. You can provide these services in both online and offline mode. Either you can serve as a nutritionist or build a platform where you can connect people with nutritionists according to their requirements. 

Business Ideas in the USA
Business Ideas in the USA


52. Print on demand

It is one of the most unique business ideas in the USA as people get a chance to get things printed on demand. Businessmen can set up an online store for customers and take care of their inventory. They can sell products of desired prints of customers. You can partner with a manufacturing company and work out a marketing strategy together. 

53. Home Decorating

It may look something similar to interior design but it is not. This business is. Narrower in scope and provide specialized decoration services for households. Interior designers are hired for offices, halls and for many other purposes. 

54. Jewellery designer

This is not a new business idea but you can earn handsome money. If your designs are premium and extraordinary, collaborate with bigger firms and sell your services. You can also offer private services. 

55. Virtual Assistant

As the name itself suggests, you have to answer emails, and calls and manage them. Your job will not keep you out of your home very often. It doesn’t require special training. All you need is good communication and management skills. Don’t worry you are going to get paid well. 

56. Green Beauty Products

Green beauty products are a wider market. If you want results, you have to be authentic and use natural products for your clients. Research the market and know where your competitors are lacking. You can also curate a new product and sell it with the best marketing techniques. 

57. AI Startup

Artificial intelligence is deepening its roots which is why the market is flooded with AI startups. But the best part about this industry is you can always come up with something new by using your skills. Brainstorm and find the problem and then curate its solution. 

58. Elder Care Provider

A job where you can get money as well as blessings of elders. You can earn around $20000-$40000 for this work. This job involves responsibility and cautiousness. You have to be active and attentive to their needs. 

59. College planning consultant

The burning question of a college student’s mind is what are they going to do next. You can help such students by planning their after-college life. You can provide them with career guidance and charge for it. 

60. Blockchain Startup

Cryptocurrency is the most common product based on blockchain but this is not the only one. So, you can brainstorm and start a blockchain startup for serving different fields like banking, medical, ed-tech, and much more. You have to be expert with the technology before starting and you can make more than $ 100,000 for sure. 

61. Mental Healthcare Startup

Life has become stressful and slipping into depression is not something new. Often, people ignore their mental health and keep working which is not good for them. In that case, you can start a mental healthcare startup online or offline. On this platform, you can get such people connected to psychologists, or if you are one you can also provide your services. 

62. Clean Energy Startup

It will help the government in meeting global commitments to developing in a sustainable manner. If something is striking your mind that is eco-friendly and at the same time can offer you a great living, start working on your idea now. 

63. Make-up artist

Make-up artists are making a lot of money these days. As they can provide services in multiple ways. Either they can open a salon or provide door-to-door services. They can also step into the entertainment industry for better job opportunities. 

64. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the best business ideas in the USA as it doesn’t ask you to buy stock in advance or manufacture anything. All you need to do is get a website, update the details of the products available, and run your business. Through this business, wholesalers fulfill their needs directly. 

65. Independent Author

Do you love writing? Do you want to get a book published? Then what’s stopping you from showcasing your talent? If you write historical notes, self-help books, or any other book, get it published on platforms like Kindle. You can enjoy large royalties and unpublished it anytime you want. 

66. Food Waste Solution

Nearly 40% of food is wasted in the USA which amounts to around $119 billion pounds. The number is not small so taking action is worthy. It is one of the most useful and environment-friendly business ideas in the USA. You can start providing direct solutions or educate people about this work. 

67. Financial Planning Services

Isn’t it the most useful business idea? We all want to keep track of our finances and fail to do so. What’s the reason? Even after having enough automated tools we fail to keep track of our expenses and put a limit on them. These tools may automatically get the details but they are not going to convince you like a human that you need to control your expenses now. For this purpose, not just businesses even influencers and housewives are getting financial planning services. 

68. E-commerce store owner

You can also start an e-commerce store if you love collecting small items. You can sell these products through sites; like Etsy or build your own website. You can also follow a particular niche and collect things accordingly. 

69. Project Management Company

Some businesses make money by managing the projects of other businesses. Isn’t it one of the most amazing business ideas in the USA? For me, yes! By providing project management services at lower prices you can cut the managerial cost of large enterprises. These companies make a lot of money by approaching the right firms. 

70. Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a glow-all problem. Graffiti removal is one of the finest business ideas in the USA as it has less competition. Some people don’t like the concept while others fear government rules. Study about the government rules and start your graffiti removal business now. Bring your creativity in front of the world and make money. Don’t hesitate to promote your business through different channels. You can scale up in other painting-related business

You must have noticed most of these businesses either require no or little experience and can be started with less capital. Small businesses are prevalent in the USA and these businesses contributed to a great extent to make the USA the largest economy in the world. 

Business Ideas in the USA
Business Ideas in the USA


Tips to Find the Right Business Ideas 

We gave you the ultimate list of top 70 business ideas in the USA but some of you must be having a confusion about how to choose the right one. 

Check out these tips and clear your doubts now. 

  • Select a niche or an idea.
  • Research your market well. Know what customers are looking for and try to solve their problems.
  • Now prepare a plan for the business you have chosen. Make sure you are serving your customers what your competitors are not providing them. 
  • The next step is to prepare a marketing and sales strategy for your business. Do not forget to include after-sale services. 
  • Start connecting with people.

If you feel you can go ahead with this idea you can rework another idea. 

Final Thoughts 

I believe you found your perfect fit. One thing I wanted to express right from the beginning of the list is that you don’t have to remain stuck on a particular idea. You can always explore and find something related to a business you found on the list. 

For example, we talked about a dog grooming salon and you came up with the idea of a store for dog products. Keep tinkling your mind and you will find the best business idea for you.


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