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12 Best Bankable Painting Business Ideas in India

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Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


When you think of big artists like Picasso, Edward Munch, and others, you have a clear image of their passion for art. None of these artists followed their passion to make money. Till today, most artists don’t follow their passion to make money, they do so only because they feel happy. 

If you remember, a character from the film 3 Idiots “Farhan Qureshi”, convinced his father with a statement- “I may earn less than my friends, but I’ll be happy”. 

That is the thought process of most artists. 

But today, the world has changed. 

We can pursue our passion and make enough money. 

In this article, we have covered some of the most profitable painting business ideas for artists. Now you don’t have to use Farhan’s line to convince your parents to follow your dream job. 

Top 15 Painting Business Ideas

Professional Painter

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Picasso’s one painting cost around $67 million (average).

If you establish yourself as a professional painter, you can make enough money to earn a good living. The question is what makes a painting worth millions? It is the creativity, innovation, and detailing of the painting that makes it worth millions. 

If you believe, your art is unique and extraordinary, you can try establishing yourself as a professional painter. It will not get millions right in the beginning but eventually, it will. 

You have to work hard for that. Bring something unique to the table. For example, Picasso’s famous work La Gommeuse is an oil on canvas painting.

Start a Painting School

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Starting a painting school is one of the best painting business ideas as it allows you to pursue two passions: teaching and painting. It may take some time to flourish but it will widen your creativity to a great extent. You will come across different ideas every day and will learn from them as well. 

This business will also train you to become an art critic as you will come across different pieces every day. You will be able to understand what is impeccable and what needs improvement. 

Once you are established in the market, you can also start online courses for the same. You can hire teachers who can teach different types of paintings to distant students as well. 

You don’t have to invest a lot for this. All you will need is a recording camera, an audio-video enhancer, and a website to sell your courses. You can also use previous websites or social media to sell your painting courses online. 

Industrial Painting

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Industrial painting is not like residential painting. You need to learn about different chemicals and solvents that are to be used in industrial painting. Once you learn about this, you can start providing these services. 

You can promote your services using both online as well as offline marketing strategies. 

Face Painting Business

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Face painting is an ancient practice of human civilization that has been revived for our good. You can consider this business as it will help you in making a lot of money. You can either start a shop or mobile services for face painting. 

It is not one of the most prominent painting business ideas but it is profitable for sure. It requires proper training and skill to make faces beautiful. This type of work is demanded at birthday parties, big fat weddings, summer camps, etc. 

You need to have enough knowledge of paints and skin texture before starting this business. 

Interior Decoration

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Interior decoration is one the most lucrative painting business ideas as it helps you make a good amount of money. Mostly, homeowners or interior firms hire painters to decorate houses using their skills. Gain, your skill is going to give you an edge over other painters. 

You can provide private services or join an interior designing firm for the same. It is advisable to build connections with engineers, architects, construction companies, and even real estate dealers. 

Graffiti elimination business

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


You may or may not have heard about this business but it is a great way to do what you love by keeping your area graffiti-free. There are public spaces that have illegal scribbles or pictures that are not just making the place dirty but are also spreading wrong messages. 

All you need to do is get the equipment like a graffiti removal kit, washer, and a vehicle to transport them. You can draw beautiful paintings in such spaces. Make sure you are adhering to local graffiti laws. 

Art Restoration

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Have you heard of art restoration as one of the painting business ideas? If not, read now! Ancient art restoration is in demand as the government is constantly looking for such pieces for research. 

You have to build contact with government agencies or private companies that are involved in this business. Preparing an advertisement for your service could be a great idea. 

Creative Painting Consultant

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Creative consultant is one of the most demanded painting business ideas in India. They are usually demanded in sectors like films and dramas and are paid well. With an apt skill, you can start consulting services as well. 

To promote your services, make sure you have a well-designed marketing strategy, contacts, and ads. 


Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


The illustration business is a great idea for painters as it allows you to earn a good living. Some painting businesses may not fetch enough money but you can expect the opposite from this business. 

All you need to do is find good publications for newspapers, books, and the web and avail your services as per their needs. With a reputed publication, you can expect good growth. 

Mural Artist

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Mural paintings are one of the medieval-era art forms that are in demand even today. Mostly big and small building owners require mural artists for these paintings. If you are trained in this form, you can start a business for the same. 

You need to build contacts with construction companies, real estate dealers architects, and interior designers for sure. 

It must not be a shocking fact for you that these artists are paid extremely well the reason being its historical importance. 

Textile Designer

Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Textile designing is one of the most bankable painting business ideas. If you are trained in this form of art, you can expect good growth. You have to paint on different fabrics using different paints and dyes. 

This art requires perfection and if you have that nothing can stop you. 

You need to develop good contact with factory owners or other designers to find work. You can also promote your work through social media. 


Painting Business Ideas
Painting Business Ideas


Calligraphy is always in demand this is why it is counted among the most profitable business ideas. It is demanded for greeting cards, premium handmade gift cards, etc. You can use your painting as well as calligraphy skills to make money. 

For this business, you need to develop contacts with local stores and publications. You can also sell your services online. You have to upload videos and arrange courier facilities for sending such cards to your clients. 

How to start a painting business?

The basic procedure of starting any business is more or less similar. Follow these simple steps to start your business today!

Create a painting Business Plan

  • As you have gone through multiple painting business ideas, you must have selected one for you. After selecting an idea, you need to prepare a plan that includes everything about your services, finances, sales, and strategies.
  • It should also include organizational requirements, staffing details, and hiring procedures. 
  • An emergency plan should be prepared in anticipation.  

These painting business ideas look easy but no business is possible without planning. So, having a well-defined plan for your business is important. 

Get a license

The next step is to get your business registered with the required authorities. Acquiring a license according to your state requirements will ease your operations in the state. Your clients and customers will trust you as a legitimate business. 

Do not forget to get your business registered with a government agency for taxation. 

Start your business Account now!

Opening a business account is very important as it allows you to enjoy merchant services. It will also help you in tracking the income and expenses of your business without any difficulty. 

Make sure you are choosing the bank with maximum benefits and complete the paperwork. 

Implement your marketing plan

You must have drawn a marketing plan for your painting business. After getting established legally, start promoting your business. From online marketing practices to offline practices, make sure you are investing wisely in both. 

In the beginning, it is advisable to pay enough attention to online methods as they are cheap and effective. 

Make sure you are connecting people for your business through both modes. 

Find the right tool for your business

I hope you have chosen the best among these painting business ideas. But this is not enough as now you have to find good tools that can improve your productivity, track your business, and facilitate growth of your business. 

This is the era of artificial intelligence, so don’t hesitate to buy AI tools for your business. 


These are some great painting business ideas that you can use, and make enough money. As we all know, no business guarantees overnight success. The same is the case with a painting business. If you want results, you have to work hard with a great amount of dedication and passion. 

This business is associated with art, so you cannot afford to lose your creative side. Make sure every day you are bringing new and creative ideas to the table. 

We hope you liked our painting business ideas. You can share your reviews in the comment section. 

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What are some profitable painting business ideas in India?

The list of painting business ideas is not small. Different painting business ideas include furniture painting, residential painting, painting blogs, tattoo artist, airplane painting, painting teaching in school, glass painting, landscape designing, and much more according to your interest. 

Art criticism is also a great business idea. For this, you have to become an impeccable artist. 

How can I start a painting business in India?

Here are some simple steps that you have to follow to start a painting business in India:

  • Curate a plan for your painting business
  • Get your business registered
  • Open an account for your business
  • Implement your marketing plan now
  • Don’t forget to use AI tools and other professional tools to grow your business. 

What are the benefits of starting a painting business?

Starting a painting business is not a bad idea if you do it right. From professional painters to art critics, everyone can make their business profitable by using the right marketing strategy. You can also use social media for the same. Also, if plan A fails there are 25 more letters in the alphabet series. 

What is the cost of starting a painting business?

The cost of starting a painting business varies depending on the size and type of business. For example, if you are starting selling your paintings you may have to invest only in canvas and brushes. On the other hand, if you are starting as a supplier you have to make a big investment. 

What risks are associated with starting a painting business?

Painting businesses bring profit but after some time. You may find it difficult to sustain your business in the initial days. 

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